Airtime across borders – easy, global, secure, instantly.

100+ countries & 400+ operators

We provide access to 4.5 bn customers worldwide with one of the fastest growing telecommunication services.

  • Send money to phones anywhere in the world.
  • It's safe and simple and it works on any device.
  • Enable topping up the whole world.
  • International mobile recharge.
  • 24/7 service - anytime & anywhere.
  • We partner with the world's leading mobile networks.
  • We enable you to transfer small amounts of mobile credit all around the world.
  • The airtime is added instantly/in realtime to the account your customer has chosen.
  • The conformation of a successful recharge will be sent via SMS or email.

Offer your clients the following key benefits:

  • Convenient product, no registration required
  • Real time transactions to even the most remote locations
  • The cheapest way to send small values as low as 1 €
  • You can immediately offer your customers the ability to send airtime top ups terminating onto mobile handsetss in more than 190 international destinations.
  • Provide new and foreign-born customers a service that supports their friends and family back home.
  • Grow your revenue.
  • Loading mobile phones is a big business.

Remittance & global airtime transfer

Provide your customers with an efficient & inexpensive way to transfer small amounts internationally in realtime.

  • Your customers can send mobile credit back home, in just seconds.
  • Remittances are currently increasing and offer a lot of market potential.
  • For customers living and workign abroad.
  • You will be a global substitute currency and value hub for your customers.
  • You can offer a unique and professional service to your diaspora community customers.
  • International airtime trasnfer is one of the most promising emerging markets.
  • International Top Up is a remittance in kind-service, a safe and secure alternative to sending cash abroad.
  • Top ups of your customer's friend's and family's phones are a valued gift


Benefit from enormous discounts & promotion offers by 400+ operators and give them as incentives to your customers.

Destination operators frequently offer double or even triple airtime promotions, providing even greater value to your customers and their friends and family abroad.

Good to know

Professional online sales tool or API – 42com has the right solution for you:

We offer a hub for global airtime transfer, a customized white label solution, a back office tool, 24/7 support and 99.99 % service availability and 100 % success.

You get a tailored integration within a few days. We make it easy for you by providing an intuitive platform that enables you to launch a readymade service under your own brand.

  • Our international Top Up Gateway is deployed accross industry-leading mobile money payment and transaction processing platforms.
  • Work together with us and uncover new opportunities for your business and provide new services for your customers.
  • Accelerated time to market.
  • In just a few minutes you can have your own international top up service live


Four easy steps:

  • Type number of recipient
  • Choose amount
  • Choose SMS (optional)
  • Top Up
Yes and the airtime only takes a second to arrive.
We have usage restrictions in place: 10 top ups or 200 EUR daily, 15 top ups or 300 EUR weekly, 20 top ups or 400 EUR monthly. The limits can be adjusted in countries depending on the regulations that apply.
Bringing the world together with international telecommunication solutions and affordable international calling card rates

42com Telecommunications GmbH is a company located in Berlin, Germany. As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Service Enabler, the company positions itself in the value chain of international telecommunication between network operators and telecommunications service providers. 42com Telecommunications GmbH was founded in 2002.

VoIP provider of international telecommunication around the globe
Already more than 130 companies of all sizes, from various industries and countries count themselves among the valued customers who rely on 42com’s VoIP switch and VoIP carrier services. These companies benefit from the 42one platform as the foundation for their successful businesses thanks to the unique advantages 42com provides including competitive international calling card rates, voice API, text messaging API, and overall telecom operation and management. The portfolio of 42com includes the familiar telecom VoIP switch solutions as well as individual wholesale and retail telecom provider offers such as the VoIP API and text messaging API.

Manage your VoIP switch customers easily with our web-based customer management and billing services
Manage success with our strong highly accessible web-based customer management and billing platform 42one. The platform enables you to control all technical and managerial aspects of VoIP provider services in real time. The cloud-based platform includes fixed line and VoIP telephony, interactive voice response and intelligent routing management. With 42one system, 42com guarantees maximum flexibility in the design of products, tariffs and services.

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